3 Dec 2011

Exercising With A Baby

Everything I enjoyed prior to being pregnant I still am able to enjoy but a cut down version of it. Exercising was a daily routine for me. I exercise 5-6 days a week, played team sport and took up any opportunity I could to do some physical activity. Now I work out when I can, usually late at night which isn't ideal and most times I end up deferring it to tomorrow, which 50% of the time doesn't happen. My one hour work outs are usually cut down to 40 minutes, I skim through warms up and cool downs and I don't stick to my schedule. 

I understand its part of the sacrifice of being a mother but I feel so robbed. I never had a body of an elite athlete however I pride in looking after myself. My main reason for working out is to maintain a healthy and strong body as long as I possibly can. Exercising is my "me" time, working out is my only selfish indulgence I want. So its quiet annoying when I can't enjoy it to its fullest cause Eli is yelling up stairs half way through or I'm rushing through my DVD's in fear he'll wake up soon. 

I love food and admittedly I don't particularly watch what I eat because I work out regularly but now I can feel this behaviour taking its tool. We all know exercising is hard and at times you really need to dig deep to find the motivation to do it but oddly enough its the lack of time that prevents me from working out. 

How does one balance it all? Please enlighten me on how you can maintain a regular exercise regime without interference from your commitment to your family.    

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