31 Dec 2011

New Year's Eve

So in a few hours we will be entering another new year. How quickly the last year flew. I can recall what I did last new year's eve ... which was nothing by the way because I was pregnant therefore could not drink and going through the "always tired" phase of my pregnancy. Oh how I miss that phase ... I would be so tired at the end of the day that I would come home from work, which was about 6.30pm (cause we were living at Crows Nest), change into my pyjamas and crawl into bed.

So I wanted to do something I haven't done for a couple of year's now ... make new year's resolutions. In the past I've usually opt for tangible items or goals you can physically see you have achieved but this time I'm going to add resolutions that don't fall into those categories.

[ ] Be fitter and healthier than I was 14 months ago. Lose the rest of the baby fat, complete my exercise program and make life long changes to my eating habits. Make the time to work out and commit to it while you're don't it!
[ ] Be available to family more whether its through being physically getting together, random words of encouragement and or providing support.
[ ] Find a place my husband, Eli and I can call "our home".
[ ] Go on a family holiday overseas. I want to put Europe, I know its doable, I do want Eli to join us but I think Ian needs convincing at this point.
[ ] Strengthen my relationship with my husband. We were at a cross point just before we conceived Eli at times I wonder what's going on in his head and whether he's head and heart is still at that moment. I want our relationship to be like how we felt when we were 16 - I want us both to be happy.
[ ] Clarity in my career path. Do I made a career move soon or continue to progress in my current field.
[ ] Blog as much as possible. I add this as I fear I will slowly stop due to the limited time I have.
[ ] Learn something new.
[ ] Pursue my business.
[ ] Find a charity I want to support and regularly contribute to which gives back to Australia(ns).

I think that's it ....
Ok now to get ready as there is more celebrating and eating to take place tonight.

Happy New Year everyone

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