29 Dec 2011

Post Christmas

It's been awhile since I posted, the silly season takes up so much of my little me time. This past week comprised of last minute Christmas shopping, cooking as I offered to cook our annual Christmas eve dinner and eating, whether its left overs or being at someone's home celebrating Christmas some more.

Our first Christmas with Eli and boy was he spoilt ... again. He was showered with gifts from family and friends. You really are spoilt when you're the first - I guess my parents were right when I use to complain about being treated unfairly compared to my younger sisters and they would respond with I was treated the best. 

The more stuff he's accumulating the more it reenforces how much we need our own place .... soon. He's growing so fast and he needs the space to move. Plus he's is a boy and he'll have all this energy he'll need to release.

It's been non stop eating this past week. Christmas Eve at my parents, Christmas Day at the J's, Boxing Day P&Y post Christmas party, the 27th mum's birthday, yesterday Eli's 5 months, today Jugg's get together and tomorrow New Year's Eve somewhere where I'm sure there will be food ... it really is the Fe(a)stive Season.

Merry Christmas to you and your family

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