8 Dec 2011

Worst Mum Ever!

Today was my son's first injury ... well technically the nail cutting incident where I accidently pinched his finger with the nail cutter was his first. 

After Eli's bath and a feed I attempted to put the little guy to sleep. He was somewhat asleep and decided to put him in our bed to nap cause I figured he would get up later on that night for another feed plus he seems to sleep longer when he is in our bed. I faced him forward on the bed, tapped him into his 'nearly there' asleep state, placed the blanket over him and walked away. Ten minutes later I could hear him whinging in our room. It was still the soft spasmodic cries so I didn't attend to him straight away. Soon it got louder and constant so decided to go up and check him out. 

As I was at the bottom of the stairs I hear a loud thump on the ground ... I knew it was Eli. I knew he had fallen off the bed. Both Ian and I ran upstairs to the bedroom. Ian was just yelling "WHY?!" as I ran into the bedroom and found Eli lying on his back on the floor, crying hysterically. Ian punched the bed, again asking "Why did you leave him on the bed?" with such judgement. I just held Eli close, comforted him and kept saying "I'm sorry".

I felt around his body and head to see if there are any bumps and lumps worried he fell head first. I slowly moved his limbs checking to see he didn't break anything and I prayed nothing serious internally has happened either. 

Worst feeling ever! I felt so responsible for his fall. He's so tiny and precious and perfect and I feel like I failed to watch over him even though I've been watching over him the past four and a half months. I don't care if people say I'm spoiling him by always holding him  I don't ever want something like that to happen again.

New rules:
  1. Bub's must always sleep in his cot if left alone
  2. Must stay with bubs if left sleeping on a bed
Besides the incident he managed to get a photo with this guy today ...

 Eli .. the ultimate wing man  

Look at that smile. It took one shot to get that photo.

Mummy's so sorry.
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