21 Oct 2012

Ikea Ideas

Today we headed to Ikea to get some ideas for the home. On Friday we purchased our massive flat screen tv. Ninong M's place of employment was having a staff sale and we were able to grab a brand new tv at half the retail price.

Going to Ikea can be hit a miss. I think if you become over whelmed by the options available, the amount of people in there, the frustration of unable to get any help, you walk out of there feeling annoyed at even wasting your time.

If you have a plan of attack regarding what you need to get and just head straight to those sections. Avoid any eye contact with cute lamps or fancy storage compartment ideas - you'll save yourself time and guilt realising you purchased something you didn't really need.

We knew we needed an entertainment unit, wall shelf ideas and a storage unit we could double as an ottoman. When we were living in CN we could never find an ottoman long enough for our 2m dining table. I figured since we're short on space and going with the whole maximising as much storage as possible, I came up with the ideas to use a storage unit as an ottoman. It will only get used as an ottoman when we do have guests over and every other time if can be tucked to the side of the room as a unit. Something like this ...

But not as wide ... and no glass on top. We would probably add cousins on top of the unit when it is used as an ottoman so its comfy and it has to have wheels so people can wheel in and out of the dining table when it is used as a ottoman.

We found the entertainment unit we want to get.

I think we will opt for the white gloss colour (as seen under the red one)

There is also a matching wall shelf with this range (as seen above the tv) which we probably will get too


Other wall shelf ideas options and ideas I saw. I'm thinking I want to have another long shelf that goes across the living room. I also want to put one in each of the bedrooms. Ian's not liking the idea of putting too many wall shelf's but in my opinion its either shelfs or bulky pieces of furniture to compensate for storage.

There's a massive kids area in Ikea. Our little man is too small to be left alone in there but he did notice the other kids. He watched in awe especially the ball pit area, again he kept saying "baaww".

Next time little man
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