17 Oct 2012

Out & About in Old London Town

As I stated in a past post I wanted to put some effort in writing a detailed account of our recent Europe holiday.

We arrived to a gloomy and rainy London on the 29th August roughly around 1pm. We were lucky to have some close friends living in London at the time and really looked after us while we were there. We spent majority of our time in London hanging out with the recently engaged E & S. So within hours of landing we were meeting up with this lovely couple.

The first night we had dinner at Dehesa. A Spanish and Italian inspired charcuterie and tapas bar.

The restaurant itself is relatively small and has a cosy atmosphere to it. We were the loudest one’s there – what do you expect having pre dinner drinks and over 12 months of catching up to do. We ordered many dishes each one was deliciously made.

Afterwards we headed over to the china town side of town, which is actually close to the theatre district. We walked over to this building that seemed unusd and no indication that it was even open / functioning. At the door stood a girl with a clip board. E has our names on the guest list so we could get in. We had arrived at ECC – Experimental Cocktail Club. Upstairs was a 2 level bar serving a range uniquely inspired cocktails. We got our allocated table which we reserved and enjoyed a few more drinks, laughs, shouted at each other over the loud rnb music. If you’re looking for a trendy under ground place to have a few cocktails ECC is where to go. 

Streets of China Town 

In London to avoid the disappointment of being turned away at a decent restaurant, club or bar you have to book in advance. Don’t get me wrong we book tables in advance in Sydney too but it just seems very common even for lunch time meals.

Dehesa and ECC was a great way to start our first day (night) in London and got us very excited for what’s install for the rest of the leg … 
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