8 Oct 2012

What We Parents Do

Eli can’t say balloon yet he says “baaww” instead … it’s so cute

On Saturday it was Mr V’s 2nd birthday party which was held at a local pub near us. I appreciate how these venues have embraced the need to be family friendly and have updated their facilities to cater for children. There is a dedicated play ground, games room and a jumping castle on offer for kids.

Through out the party Eli kept gravitating to balloons. First the balloons Mr V had then to the helium filled one’s from another party. One of the guests noticed he kept coming back to their table and gave him one. We attached it to his arm and he would grab it and try to bite it. I was waiting for it to pop in his face. He eventually realised if he let go of the balloon it would fly away from his hands so he kept a tight grip on the string.

This morning I get a call from home. It was my mum telling me the balloon escaped. Eli was with my dad at the front yard and he had his baaww with him outside. So of course the predictable would happen, the balloon flew away. My mum said after the incident he still kept asking for "baaww"

I called Ian and told him about the incident. That evening he had a new replacement "baaww" for him. A bigger, stronger and more expensive one too. 

Have you ever done something above and beyond to please your infant child knowing that they'll never remember it? 
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