8 Oct 2012

Moving Out

On the weekend we cleaned our RH investment property. Note: need to add a post regarding that purchase.

Looks like we may be moving into the property for a little bit. Not the plans I had for this property or for us but trying to see the positive in the situation.

The positives include:

  • Being on our own as a family and all the joy that comes with that. We can do what we please, when we please and not think about bothering anyone else. We can leave the house as clean or as messy as we want to.
  • Decorating a brand new home!! I can’t wait to buy furniture and slowly decorate our home. I can’t wait to start hanging personal photos on our walls. I’m already starting to scope ideas online from all the excitement!! 
Here are some inspiration for our living area:

Going for a minimal, contemporary look with lots of storage possibilities. Minimal so we can hide everything from the little one who likes to grab everything he sees. Low maintenance is a requirement for me too so need storage options where I can dump the mess into places no one will see and give the impression of cleanliness. I want something that can be reused with different furniture and interiors for when we update and upgrade.

What interior style are you?
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