31 Oct 2012

Working From Home

Today and tomorrow I’m working from home. Long story short we thought we would be without a baby sitter this week but turns out my in laws arrive back from overseas earlier than we thought.

To allow me to actually do some work we’ve decided to let the little man stay with the in laws. So this means ..... I'm alone. 

I miss this feeling … have the whole house to myself ... getting some time to myself ... ahhh ....

Being one who likes to keep busy I do feel like I should multi task between working, doing the laundry and unpacking. I’m tossing up whether to go for a run now and do some groceries before 9am.

Or should I just sit in front of my laptop and multi task between checking work emails, online shopping, watching day time tv, blog and facebook since I don't have the luxury of not being disturbed all the time?

Hmm …. decisions ... 
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